I caught a baby!

                                                                                                               Source: healthpages.org via Jenn on Pinterest

Since I started working Labour and Delivery I’ve heard story after story of nurses delivering babies, in over a year it’s never been my turn. This week I had my turn. On the heels of watching Birth Story Ina May Gaskin and The Farm Midwives it was the perfect thing for my longing heart. For as long as I can remember it’s been my dream to be a midwife, but as dreams often go there is money and jobs to concider, children and childcare, so it remains a dream. While a plan is in the works it’s more like a 5 year plan, anything can change. Seeing the film though fanned the flame a bit, while it also inspired me to be a better nurse, it made me long for more. It was a beautiful delivery. A lovely patient, the head slipping gracefully in my waiting hands. Instinct I didn’t know I had to check for a cord around the neck and a lovely doctor who showed up in time to put her gloves on and guide my hands as the shoulders delivered. It was such a beautiful moment to hand a beautiful, healthy girl into her mother’s waiting arms. It lasted only a moment before I had to kick into gear and do my “nursing” duties. When I paged out for a warm blanket the charge nurse came in and momentarily didn’t even realize the baby had been born, she was snuggled right into mom’s gown skin to skin, quiet. A very different scene from many, many deliveries I’m at.

It felt like a gift, a gift for me to be able to give my patient. A serene, calm, celebratory birth! I’l always remember catching my first little princess and hope somewhere down the line for many more to come. And….sacred everday? Definitely. Babies are born everyday in every city, country and continent but it is oh so sacred. That moment of drawing first breath. a universal experience. We were all born. That’s where I find God.

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  • Caroline

    That’s beautiful! And you are going to be an amazing midwife someday. I know it!