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Introductory note

Approachable healthcare is our business. My Canadian Pharmacy Rx www.sacredeveryday.ca is an all-rolled-in-one service where customers can learn, shop, compare and save big. We collect the data from the digital pharmaceutical markets and process it into digestible and useful information. We learn what are the best deals of the hour and refer you to them. We negotiate large discounts with drug suppliers. Otherwise put, we do the shopping chores for you, while you sit back and press some buttons. To know more on how we can be of use in your particular case, please have a look at this page.

My Canadian Pharmacy Summed Up

Our service makes shopping for drugs and healthcare products economical. At times when you think you cannot afford filling your prescription, think again – and come to our site. Here you will find dozens of offers stacked up for you to choose from. This can be done because we do not involve any third party when quoting suppliers’ costs for medical care items. All prices that you can see on the pages of My Canadian Pharmacy are set by manufacturers, so they reflect only the cost of materials, workforce and logistics. Each price tag is as fair as it gets. You can choose brand meds or generics to bring the price even lower.

But if you think that we sacrifice quality in favor of an optimal price, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether you get brand medications or generics through My Canadian Pharmacy platform, the quality is impeccable. Conformity to safety and quality protocols is verified by in-house pharmacy technicians and testified by positive feedback generated by our customers.

My Canadian Pharmacy provides an expansive range of services that are called to make your life easier and your shopping routine more organized. We bring together information and technology in order to help you find a winning combo of safety, efficacy and affordability. You will also find every professional in the sphere of pharmacy and healthcare business that you might need. Online counseling is free of charge for our registered subscribers. But that’s just one small fraction of what My Canadian Pharmacy can do for you.

Factual Evidence For Why We Are the Best Canadian Pharmacy Online

Day in day out, scores of customers flock to Canadian Pharmacy Online. Some of them have been loyal to brand for some time now, and some of them are newbies. Good news travel fast, and we are known far and wide for living up to our generous promises:

  • We consistently quote lowest prices for quality drugs;
  • The quality of our products is verified and confirmed by happy customers;
  • We have a wide range of products in more than a dozen categories;
  • We process and deliver orders speedily but accurately;
  • We provide a range of healthcare services like online doctor counseling for free;
  • The specialists working for us have all the required credentials and high level of professionalism;
  • We bring together the most irresistible offers from the entire Web;
  • We negotiate better prices for our customers, including individual discounts;
  • A team of authors contributing to our resource keeps you updated on healthcare news;

We care for your safety and confidentiality with professional ethics.

Why Quality Generic Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Cost Less

You must have heard a lot about generic drugs. They have existed since the first drug patent in history has expired. The word ‘generic’ itself means ‘universal’, ‘general’ and implies that the product is manufactured by a non-specific company. In pharmacology, those are drugs produced by a company other than the original developer.

Bringing a drug to market costs several billion. This sum includes the costs of researching to find a formula that can take up decades and dozens of discarded formulas, testing, patenting and promoting. A patent in this connection is issued in order to protect developer’s investments. After a period of time stipulated in the patenting document it is considered that the revenues were sufficient for the drug developer to make up for and profit from the earnings generated from sales.

All of the above is reflected in the price of the original drug. The contrast becomes especially drastic when we compare the price for the original product produced by developing brand and that of a generic analog. The price difference ratio can be as impressive as 10:1.

The bottom line is, the only severely different aspect of generics is their cost. And if you should think that original preparations are going to ever go down in price, you have a big disappointment coming your way. For pharmaceutical companies that fund laboratories, the cycle never ends and they cannot afford low-balling the shelf price for existing medications that leave their pipeline. The good news is that you not at all compromise on quality when choosing in favor of generics, you basically just skip on investing into developing of new drugs.

Generic Drugs from Canadian Online Pharmacy conform with the rigorous standards imposed for the pharmaceutical industry. They are manufactured by licensed pharmaceutical companies with safety and quality protocols observed with all due accuracy. Picking from a range of generic drugs, you choose safety.

Best Online Pharmacy Drug and Service Finder

At My Canadian Pharmacy, we smash all records for usability and utility with the list of services we provide. We have visually presented the points in your pharmacy shopping needs that our e-drugstore addresses routinely. In the table below you will find a specific need and corresponding services distributed at My Canadian Pharmacy that will get you covered.

You need it…

…we’ve got it!

Compare drug prices Bring together offers from best e-pharmacies;

Highlight the best offers;

Get discount and coupon codes Negotiate massive discounts with suppliers;

Publish discount coupons on our main page;

Include promo codes in newsletters;

Generate discount codes for every special occasion

Issue individual discount coupons for loyal members

Look up drug info Include detailed information on drugs, their indications and contraindications, effects, side effects, safety, compatibility with other drugs and supplements, storage instructions, etc., on every page dedicated to a specific healthcare product;

Medicine and pharmacy doctors that are contributing authors give professional advice on the pages of our resource

Learn latest medicine news Increase your awareness about your health condition and prevention
Get free shipping Advise as for the best shipping terms;

Tip on how to get a free shipping;

Provide free shipping insurance (learn the terms [here] – ссылка на shipping terms;

Get refills without delay Offer automatic refills;

Store ordering info in your personal cabinet

Get free medical consultation online Have an in-house GP counsellor to attend to all your needs for remote medical consulting (please mind that it cannot substitute an in-person visit to a doctor)

Generic Viagra Online Deals, Viagra Samples and Free Shipping

We did mention that My Canadian Pharmacy is an all-rolled-in-one kind of service. To take your shopping experience one step further, we help you cut down the shipping charges – on top of saving big on drug shopping. And not only! Thus, every customer is entitled to four free pills of either Generic Viagra or Cialis as a lagniappe from the company for shopping with us. The offer stands for every order, no matter the amount of money spent. The free pills will be included in your every order.

Back to special delivery offers, you will be granted a free shipping voucher for every order starting from $150,00 and above (Regular Airmail). For orders starting from $300,00, we offer free shipping with a faster service, Express Courier. If your order subtotal comes to $250,00, we will include a free insurance ($4.95 worth) with it.

Did you know that you could negotiate with us? Just let us know via email what price you see fit for the positions you need. We will get back to you shortly with the best deal. For orders starting from $500,00, an individual discount plan is designed. Contact us before placing an order, and we will generate a VIP discount code for you.

Do you have any other suggestions as for offers you would like to see available at Canadian Pharmacy? We will be happy to hear about them! Check out our Contact Us page to know how you can get in touch with us!

ED Drugs Online: Generic Viagra and Cialis at Canadian Pharmacy

Though we are stocked on drugs for every conditions, our pharmacy’s specialty is drugs for erectile dysfunction (ED). Should it be erectile difficulty that ails you, Canadian Pharmacy Online www.sacredeveryday.ca is the one place you need to help you get a grip on your sexual life. We have every tool and solution to attend to your condition with profound expertise.

Naturally, we lean on such strongholds of oral ED therapy as the legendary Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, but of those we have a great diversity by type, action and purpose. There are also less-known, under-radar treatments for both more impact and as milder in-between solutions. To really get a feel for what we have to offer, you need to follow the link to our ED formulary page. There, you will be met by a galore that is as diversified as it is functional and cost-effective. It is thanks to this elaborate range of ED products that we are famed as Canada’s number one men’s health supplier.

As far as the medical condition of ED itself is concerned, it surely is very taxing on your psyche and body (in the latter case, it is mostly the underlying cause that is a cause for concern). It is never a good news. But neither it is as bad as it might sound when you first hear it. You should know that the situation is not as desperate as it might have sounded for your father or grandfather several decades ago. Today, both the diagnosis and the treatment are more casual and run-of-the-mill. Admittedly, it is a depressive thing to hear. But at the same time, ED can be managed. Given that you are receiving a correctly appointed therapy, you will live as normal a life as you used to.

A warm welcome to My Canadian Pharmacy to experience the difference in tackling ED problems. Leave it to us, and you will never have a reason to regret your choice of a healthcare product supplier.

Actual Customer Reviews For My Canadian Pharmacy

If customers return to our service, month after month, year after year, referring their near and dear to us, then we must be doing something of long-standing value. In this section, we are giving the floor to the most important people in our business: our customers.

Casey, Minneapolis

I order from My Canadian Pharmacy Rx regularly. I have been a loyal member for almost almost a year now. The reason why I prefer this service is that they keep it clock-work simple and precise. There are numerous other suppliers that quote decent prices, but My Canadian Pharmacy brand stands out because of the above. Big thanks from Minneapolis.

Sylvester, Oklahoma

Canadian Pharmacy is a drugstore of my choice for a good number of reasons. Firstly, it is about the quality of their supply, which is never anything else but the best. Secondly, and very importantly, the price is affordable. I am perfectly OK with the quality of services such as order dispatching and shipping. So all of that makes for an outstanding e-pharmacy.

Jerald, Winnipeg

Being a Canadian, I am used to both good quality of drugs and their affordable cost which are signature points at My Canadian Pharmacy. What makes this pharmacy special is their quality of services. I am certain, I am not the only one attracted by it. I do not only come here to place an order and receive it shortly afterwards, I also learn a lot from this resource. And through newsletter service, I learn about discounts – or get them directly to my mailbox.

You can find more customer feedback on this page.

My Canadian Pharmacy Advantages

  • Free shiping for every order above 150$

    To shop for medications thriftily you should count everything. Our drugstore will not only deliver high quality medicines to you and charge the lowest prices possible for them but will offer you a variety of rewards and other saving ideas. Thus, if your order is $150 or more, you can qualify for the service of free shipping. This way you will eliminate additional costs that drug purchasing usually incurs.

  • Avaliable Coupone Codes

    Bringing a variety of rewards we do pursue our own objective, which lies in striving for mutually effective and successful cooperation. Coupon codes offered at the pharmacy on a regular basis are one more bonus we generously provide our customers with. Regularly checking our newsletters or browsing the website you will always benefit from discount prices, lavish OFFs, free shipping, free gifts and other specials.

  • 24/7 Support Team

    We care much for each and every aspect of our job, that’s why we pay special attention to the customer support we provide to make sure that it is fully able to meet all the expectations and requirements of our customers. You’ll quickly find how easy it is to deal with us. Reach our representative available 24/7/365 via telephone or e-mail to get a consultation or resolve any issue arisen within the shortest time frame.

  • High Quality Canadian Meds

    Our major objective lies in delivering high quality and affordable medications developed by highly regarded international manufacturers solely. Any product within our inventory meets the strictest standards established by the regulatory bodies of the countries, the manufacturers we deal with come from. This has enabled us to deliver the meds known as Canadian, which implies a perfect combo of quality and price.

My Canadian Pharmacy News

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Viagra: The Erectile Dysfunction Pill Can Alleviate PMS Syndrome!
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Anton Moran, DetroitI shifted to Viagra Professional nearly three months ago. Genuinely, no difference at all, except my monthly expenses on meds, of course. I’ve already managed to set back a pretty penny that I prefer to spend on some other stuff to impress my wife. Thanks a lot for on time delivery and the most considerate customer support I’ve ever come across.

Anton Moran, Detroit

Norma, Jersey CityI appreciate my privacy most of all and do appreciate your respect for it. Having got my parcel on time (which, in fact, I liked very much because I’m a kind of an order observer) I felt no embarrassment that usually occurred previously whenever I had to buy the meds I needed. Hope these will be potent and effective because I like the price and the services you provide.

Norma, Jersey City

Michal, WarsawI like the way you do business and really glad that there is an opportunity to buy not less quality, safe, and effective medicines at the prices like yours. I like the service you provide and like that you offer bonuses too. Thank you very much!

Michal, Warsaw

Robert, San JoseGot the package on time, just when I needed it. Superb! Meds are quality and effective and cheap what I like too, cause feel a kind of tired of overpaying. Like 4 bonus pills and overall service. Will definitely come back, when need another package.

Robert, San Jose

Rayner, BonnI’m not a newbie at ordering medications from Canadian pharmacies. Unfortunately, there had always been something that made me change the drugstore. I hope that would not happen to between-us-business because over the time I really got tired of shifting and re-shifting. As for my first order, I do have nothing to complain about but only be grateful for.

Rayner, Bonn

Alicia, TorontoMy husband has never felt quite comfortable to discuss the problem and change anything in some kind of routine established during the years of coping with it. That’s why I feel quite relieved that has finally managed to convince him to turn to your pharmacy. I’m really grateful for the medicines which are above praise, total privacy, and a caring customer service.

Alicia, Toronto